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Crime Victim Compensation And Benefits In New Jersey

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The crime victims’ compensation program in the United States, particularly New Jersey, provides essential help as well as financial assistance to crime victims. Typically, crime victims bear the burden of all financial costs associated with a crime, in addition to overcoming post-traumatic stress and recovering from physical injuries. 

But, the good news is—help is available for all victims of crime!

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All victims of abuse of violence suffer a tremendous amount of stress, which also extends to their families. Victims shouldn’t have to be concerned about paying bills to cover their medical expenses, counseling services, funeral expenses, or lost income where a family member has died because of being a victim of crime. Fortunately, every state in the United States has a victims of crime compensation program. The Victim of Crime Act [VOCA] provides funding to most of these programs, which makes it possible for them to provide essential financial assistance to victims of crime, and their families.

Apart from the government funding, the crime victims’ reimbursement fund in most states across the US gets the needed funding from fees, penalties, and fines charged to the criminals or perpetrators after being found guilty of the crimes they committed. Because of this, the states have the needed resources to fund victims of crime programs. 


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Crime Victim Compensation in New Jersey

The victims of crime in New Jersey can apply to get money from New Jersey’s crime victim’s compensation fund by submitting their application with the New Jersey Victim of Crime Compensation Office of Victim Services [VCCO]). The NJ Victim of Crime Compensation Office of Victim Services office is located near the Newark Liberty International Airport, the Newark Museum of Art, Turtle Back Zoo, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), the Branch Brook Park, and the surrounding areas. 

In case you or any member of your family is a victim of murder or homicide, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, violence against women or intimate partner violence, harassment, assault, sexual assault, arson, domestic abuse, stalking, gang violence, elder abuse, or in case a person violates your protection from abuse order [PFA] or order or protection [OOP], we can assist you to submit your application to find out the amount you qualify for under the NJ State Law. 

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Helping You Get The Compensation You Deserve

Innocent victims in New Jersey might be entitled to maximum compensation up to $25,000 for the following:

  • Medical, mental health counseling, and dental bills and expenses
  • Costs to cover child care, daycare, after school care services
  • Funeral and burial expenses and costs
  • Loss of wages lost support or lost income
  • Catastrophic benefits for a vehicle or home modifications, as well as rehabilitative services
  • Transportation costs incurred while seeking medical treatment or going to a funeral
  • Costs incurred while cleaning a crime scene
  • Compensation for stolen cash
  • Attorney fees
  • Relocation expenses

Victims of Crime Help and Assistance in New Jersey

Please note that the crime victims’ compensation programs differ from state to state, and are administered depending on the state’s laws. The application process tends to be lengthy and requires relentless follow up by the claimant or victim of crime. That’s why it’s essential to seek the services of a Victim of Crime lawyer or Crime Victim advocate. Such lawyers specialize in criminal injury compensation and will ensure your rights as a victim of crime are protected. 

All states have similar requirements to evaluate a victim’s eligibility for financial assistance. Generally, all victims of crime are required to take the following steps:

  • Report and file a complaint with law enforcement officers. You can file your report with the police, sheriff, state troopers, family court, child protective services, or any other agency responsible with enforcing the law. 
  • Cooperate with the District Attorney [DA], prosecutors, and law enforcement officers handling your case.
  • Submit a victim of crime compensation application within the required time.
  • Have an un-compensated loss or expense not being covered by the government or insurance.
  • Ensure you are not responsible for or didn’t participate in any way towards the crime.

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New Jersey Victims of Crime Services

Professional crime victim advocates are responsible for handling victims of crime cases. These advocates work with the crime victims and assist them to get the necessary support they need. These advocates also assist victims to recover the maximum amount of money and obtain their compensation from the office handling their case. These offices might include:

  • Office of Victim Services
  • Victims Compensation Assistance Program
  • Victims of Crime Compensation Office
  • Office of the Attorney General

Any professional, helping a victim of crime is dedicated to their financial recovery, as well as their mental and physical health recovery. 

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